Virtual Reality, The Magic Of Today Is Changing People’s Life

Virtual Reality, The Magic Of Today Is Changing People's Life

Why do biggest brands in the world build their marketing strategies on Virtual Reality?

The answer is simple: VR is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever.

These companies used VR to boost the marketing of their products, create awareness, educate the buyer and offer him confidence about the decision he is going to make.

The VR technology accelerated the purchasing process, saved time and effort. Using VR those sellers brought their products to the buyer in his place to examine, check, and compare before placing the order.

Well, some of you might say: I have a Real Estate company. How in the world would I bring my product to the customer? Doesn’t he have to move there himself to see the building, for example? If VR were a person, it would say: ‘Here comes my magic, you don’t worry. I will help you bring the whole building to your customer’s place!’

Chameleon-Tour-Virtual-reality كاميليون-تور-الواقع-الافتراضي

Elaf Galleria one of the most beautiful and elegant hotels with amazing Architecture designed as an emulation of the famous Galleria Milan in Italy, which is believed to be one of the ancient shopping centers in the world.

Virtual Reality is not only virtual. It is REAL!

This is for real, I mean virtually real! VR can do that. VR technology can amazingly help you bring buildings to the buyer’s desktop or mobile and make him take a tour inside that building, while he is at home, or anywhere else. He will have a panoramic and 3d vision and will be able to see all the details from every angle and all directions.

The splendid designs of the suites of Elaf Galleria with its magical touches in each suite have given much attention to every tiny detail.

So, what is this Virtual Reality in the first place?

Is it a complicated thing? Not at all. It is one of the latest tools used in marketing & advertising that takes the user to the digital world. Let’s read the Term again: (Virtual, Reality). It is a mixture between the digital world (Virtual) and real world (Reality). It is real but it is digitized. So, anything that incorporates a mixture of virtual and real would be Virtual Reality. But there are other types of reality as well. When you use the camera on your mobile to place an instance of a thing like Pokemon Go we call this Augmented Reality, meanwhile, there is another third term incorporating Virtual Reality which is Mixed Reality, when we mix two types of video layered over each other and let them interact.

There are many amazing examples of project success. The Elaf Galleria Hotel is but one example.

How does VR work for Some brands in Saudi Arabia?

In fact, there are many wonderful stories to tell. Entities in Saudi Arabia leverage end-to-end 3D and VR media platform to redefine the way they do business in the real world. Some of them made the right decision when they decided to approach chameleontour to help them present their models.

Elaf Galleria Hotel, Is An Amazing Virtual Reality Experience!

Here is one example of the successful Elaf Galleria Hotel model presented by chameleontour.

Many guests heard of the amazing Elaf Galleria Hotel but never saw it from inside. The Elaf Galleria Hotel Administration decided to bring all the details of the hotel in 3D VR to those customers around the world. The result was astonishing.


By leveraging chameleontour model they were able to drive additional engagement from online visitors and highlight their tech-enabled hotel guest services driving additional engagement with clients. This has resulted in thousands of visits to Elaf Galleria 3D models in a very short time.

جولة افتراضية داخل فندق إيلاف جاليريا

Real Estate brokerages achieved Tens of thousands increase in monthly web traffic, as soon as they shared Virtual Reality 3D Tour models. Their agents keep winning more listings, because of Virtual Reality Models.

VR is magical. chameleontour is the company behind this magic. We can do this for your business too.

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