Ever thought of sending your property to your customers?

Is this really possible?

Qr are we talking science fiction here?

Find out how you can do that today and focus on some of the real estate marketing musts.

The era of digital media made it possible for marketers to reach their target audiences wherever they are, whether being on earth or even on another planet, as long as connected to the Internet or other digital media.

If you are a marketing service then your campaign will go smooth and easy, but it turns ugly when you market products. The reason is that your products need to be either publicly known and famous, customers had tried before, recommended by a close person, or a group of people who have already used it.

But if the product is real estate, then the decision to buy becomes almost impossible without the customers visiting the site and checking every square meter of it. Using still photos, or video footages of a particular property for your ads might help the customer to have a basic idea about how the property looks like but will never be an alternative to when the customer himself physically moves to visit the place, experience the building and take a tour inside.

That is what makes real estate marketing a very tough and difficult job. It requires lots of efforts, without mentioning the limited number of the target audience of the marketing campaigns. This way of marketing makes the target customers shrink to a limited number of people of the close surroundings and neighbors of the property being marketed. You might end up targeting the wrong audience in the first place!


How about a method that guarantees the attraction of those who are really interested instead of wasting your effort targeting others who do not have the desire or ability to own or rent your product.

Today, our world is witnessing a fast accelerated scientific and technical development, and the quest for solutions that serve various aspects of life, including the need to develop real estate marketing tools and services.

New technologies have been introduced to serve large segments of the community, including both real estate marketers and buyers. 3D virtual tours and virtual reality tours, are the ideal latest technologies for real estate owners and marketers as well, enabling them to present their properties to the target customers wherever they are, whenever they want.

This new technology focusing on the usage of three-dimensions virtual reality tours makes it possible for the customers to take a tour inside and around the property as if they were physically walking inside that building. It also allows for extra explanatory points and descriptions to be added during the virtual tour which helps to identify any part of the property and give a better picture and detailed information.

Chameleon Tour’s experience will attract real estate enthusiasts and pave the way for both marketers and target users to get the most accurate details and features of the property, besides the possibility of connecting this service to Google Maps, giving a greater idea about the location of the property, and how to access it.

You can display pictures of your properties to your customers to let them know what it looks like, but can you make them feel the experience of walking inside and around your property without actually being there?

What Chameleon Tour Can Do?

Chameleontour creates virtual tour experiences, offering 3D and virtual reality video solutions and services to many sectors ranging from real estate to entertainment, hospitality, and all other types of businesses looking to explore and make use of the wonders of this latest technology.

You can use virtual tours on your mobile or personal computer. You can also use virtual reality glasses or wear headsets. Marketers and real estate owners can easily share the tour link on their social media accounts or embed it in any website. They can send it directly to any of their customers via text messages or instant messaging apps.

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