Al Majidiyah Residence

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Al Majidiyah Residence

We have made every effort in Cameleon Tour to highlight the aesthetics of Al Majidiyah Residence projects. They are characterized by modern interiors that keep pace with the look of the new youth who want to live.
Al Majidiyah Residence projects constituted for Cameleon Tour an additional experience in shooting real estate. It was one of the smooth and easy projects in the shoot, and the results were impressive.

Al Majidiyah Residence is considered one of the leading companies in real estate in Saudi Arabia. Al Majidiyah’s march began more than 50 years ago in real estate activity when they specialized in building residential villas and commercial buildings in addition to planning and real estate investment.

Years passed and the projects extended to include many Kingdom regions, including Makkah, Madinah, the Eastern Province, and Riyadh, during which they implemented more than 13 thousand residential and commercial units.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rose, and Al Majidiyah Company grows with it, and they are working to keep up.

The vision of the future was the motivational point for launching Al Majidiyah Residence in 2018.

The company’s endeavors crystallized to focus on the compatibility of plans and the merging of visions. Therefore they were keen to contribute to the development of the real estate market by raising the quality and level of their services and working on expanding the strategic objectives to be flexible and able to keep pace with the qualitative changes in the quality of construction and face the challenges of the real estate market.


Al Majidiyah Residence is one of the first companies that sought to bring about positive change and a qualitative leap in raising buildings’ efficiency.

Al Majidiyah’s mission and vision are quite clear: to meet the real estate market’s needs and expectations by constructing modern residential and commercial buildings with the highest quality standards, smart systems, and advanced protection solutions.


Thus, they should be an active part of the national economy’s prosperity and contribute to an effective role in keeping the Kingdom updated with global lifestyles.

During our shooting of the Al Majidiyah Residence show apartments in Riyadh, we clearly saw creativity and innovation in the residential units’ designs; between beauty and space investment lies Majidiyah designs, which guarantees their customers the best housing option for life.

ClientAl Majidiyah Residence
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