Roshan Mall - Kinan

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Roshan Mall Kinan
Roshan Mall Kinan
Roshan Mall Kinan

Roshan Mall - Kinan

Chameleon Tour had a great experience making an interesting 3D Virtual Tour, and Virtual Reality.

This Technology will help the mall guests to enjoy being on the tour of the mall even before visiting it.


Kinan Company inaugurated Roshan Mall in April 2006.

The name was inspired from our architectural art heritage, declaring yet the presence of the finest international and local brands and the world’s best restaurants at the same place in the most prestigious area of Jeddah.

The Mall was established according to the latest construction methods after it was mixed with the old designs of Dormers art mainly to highlight the magnificence of this original art.


  • Mall Space 70.000 m2
  • Rental Space 35.844 m2
  • Stand Capacity 1.570 Stands
  • No. Of Visitors 12.000 daily visitors


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ClientRoshan Mall - Kinan
Service3D Virtual Tour, 360°, 4K.