Alhajrayn Village - Jeddah

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Alhajrayn Village Jeddah
Alhajrayn Village Jeddah
Alhajrayn Village Jeddah
Alhajrayn Village Jeddah

Alhajrayn Village - Jeddah

Chameleon had a great experience making an interesting 3D Virtual Tour, and Virtual Reality. This Technology will help Alhajrayn Village guests to enjoy being in the Village even before visiting it.

Your happiness as our dear valued guest is what we have been working for from sunrise until sunset, which gives us more motivation to develop our work continuously.

Some units in Alhajrayn Village are fully furnished with (prestigious and elegant furniture), picked and selected only for you, other units are equipped with essential appliances, only to allow you have the chance to furnish your home by your own taste.
Different beautiful green spaces, rocky grounds and harmonious colors cover Alhajrayn Village creating a very quiet and calm atmosphere that will definitely give a sense of tranquility and comfort.
Best compounds in Jeddah We would like you to feel at home in your private space; that is why we do implement the highest service quality standards.
The actions we take to guarantee all these promises include:

Providing high quality materials and equipment in all service and leisure sectors.

Relying on highly specialized staff; each in his field and according to specialization in all departments.

Increasing awareness and educating the hospitality staff on a regular basis to be at the expected hospitable level.

Periodic maintenance of all facilities in Alhajrayn.

Working with very high quality standards for the cleanliness of residential units and facilities.

And many other things that make us offer a great experience for all our visitors.

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Service3D Virtual Tours , 360°, 4K.